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Message Of CEO

Water is natural, rare, and vital source that human continually in every time and place is in need of it. But shortage of water means the risk for human life that for most developing countries, it is a bigger threat for human security than armed conflicts. Rational use of water resources is the main point to provide food in the world. In our country, for control and proper distribution of water, government has invested on various projects for development of water resources and supply of drinking water in urban and rural areas. But it seems that due to the growing needs and involvement of political and social components, there is no proper coordination between water supply and demand. Reduction of per capita renewable water resources and being under water deficit stress, spread of water contamination, excessive use of water from the aquifers and water crisis in the plains and inappropriate patterns of crop production from the perspective of climate compatibility as well as social crises and conflicts over water and growing shortage of water in metropolises caused water resources management in the country to face critical challenges. These conditions led to serious threat for all the development components in different regions of the country. It is clear that to deal with the current and forthcoming problems, the role of modern science and technology will be effective. Consulting engineering companies as the "brain " of water industry with their proper function can play a serious and irrefutable role in solving these problems. In this regard, Jamab Consulting Engineers Co, as a faithful and trusted consultant hopes to provide consulting services in domestic and international arenas for the clients, relying on nearly 40 years of history in development of water resources and its main responsibility in the preparation of water comprehensive plans and experience in large areas of strategic management of soil and water and by relying on the presence of qualified personnel as well as respected employers’ supports.

Hamid Mosahebi  CEO