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Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture


Design, consultancy and studies in the following contexts:

1- Agriculture

• Agricultural resource management (including land use and water use)

• Water management, conservation, and storage for crop irrigation

• Climatology and atmospheric science

• Soil management and conservation, including erosion and erosion control

• Seeding, tillage, harvesting, and processing of crops

2- Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture promotes the development of the fishing and aquaculture industries by submitting the best consultancy proposal to the applicants who want to establish related farms. Jamab works with industry and other partners to ensure the fishery is economically viable, internationally competitive, and ecologically sustainable over the long term. The objective is to optimize the value of the fishery for all and ensuring the long-term security of resources.

3-Animal Husbandry

This activity refers to a wide range of job types that focus on the care and breeding of different kinds of animals. The applicants and Jamab customers are mostly livestock, dairy and poultry farmers. The Jamab consultancy can include the ways for breeding, marketing and caring for the animals on the farm.

4-Natural Resources and Watershed

Issues related to conservation and sustainable utilization of land and water resources can be addressed well when studies extend their scope beyond agricultural lands to include other units in the landscape because of the interconnections and linkages between these land units within the landscape. It is with this realization that watershed management has emerged as an important option for conservation and efficient use of available resources.
The proposed job of Jamab is an effort to make more systematic and comprehensive assessment of these initiatives to increase the scientific understanding of how programs are reaching to sustainable condition through higher yields and lower environmental impacts, while developing models for scaling up. Some of the outstanding issues that Jamab proposes to clients are:

• What are the immediate and long-term consequences both on productivity and environmental performance including impacts of climate change

• What is the additional productive potential created and what is required to realize the potential sustainability

• How the use efficiency of land, investments and labor has changed and what can be done to maximize the same

• What are the tradeoffs between livelihoods and environmental benefits

• What are the potential upstream-downstream interface issues and options to manage them

• What are the surface and groundwater interactions and potential for their utilization

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