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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


Jamab is a leading company in consultancy and technical assistance for sustainable development. Using methodologies provide qualified services with tangible results. The Jamab priority is to ensure that the beneficiaries accept and adopt these results, through flexible, practical and adapted solutions. This dynamic aims to develop expertise and lead to the better allocation and management of available resources. Our services provided in the field of consultancy and engineering include:

• Resource planning and assessment

• Consumption planning and assessment

• Soil surveying and landscape mapping

• Soil and water testing services

• Catchment and property planning

• Erosion and sediment control on infrastructure developments

• Design of soil and water conservation works

• Groundwater mapping and salinity control

• Rehabilitation of degraded areas

• Flood detention basins, drainage works and artificial wetlands

• Agriculture and rural development

• Agriculture and rural development

• Environment and natural resource management

• Infrastructures

Our innovative vision of development assistance, our proven capacity to implement complex projects developed over years, and our decisive participation with using Social & Operating System and Economic Studies together with taking into consideration the importance of the Environmental, Geography and Spatial Planning lead us to good governance of related projects, which will offer from clients.

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