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Consulting services in the form of Management Contractor (MC) on implementation of sub-irrigation and drainage networks, underground drainage, equipping and modernization of some lands in the plains of the provinces of Khuzestan and Ilam Client: Jihad Nasr Institute

In order to promote development level in the provinces of Khuzestan and Ilam, the lands were studied in the form of various projects for water and soil development operations in an area of about 550 hectares. Defined Projects (32 projects) in 5 areas of Dez and Shavoor, Shushtar and Ahvaz, Abadan and Khorramshahr and Karkhe Ilam with an approximate area of 97500 hectares was notified in December 2014 by the employer (Jihad Nasr Institute) to Jamab and Zistab Consulting Engineers Co. which is currently under implementation and follow-up.

Project   Land area (Hectare) 
 Dez and Tosee   20200
Fatah al- Mobin Sushtar  1700 
Shavoor 5000 
 Shabiyeh 9200 
Gargar   500 
Miyanab 5500
Noor Ali and Pir Gari   550 
Abofazel and Salamat 6272
 Veis   4080
Jofeir 5500
 Khorramshahr and Abadan 14000
Karkhe Ilam 25000
Total 97502

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