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Ramshir Project

Project of Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) of irrigation and drainage network, equipping and modernization of Ramshir right bank, developing areas 1 and 2 Employer: Jihad Nasr Institute

Conducting basic studies, detailed design, social studies, operation systems and organization of utilizers of the network and operation of sub-irrigation and drainage networks, equipping and modernization of land and underground drainage system of Ramshir right bank, in developing zones 1 and 2 with an area of approximately 5638 and 5562 hectares including 47 agricultural units in zone 1 and 50 agricultural units in zone 2. Implementation of 3rd grade channels over 220000 meters, 3rd grade open drainage at total length of 200000 meters, associated technical buildings, underground drainage (laterals) over 2100000 meters, the underground collectors with an approximate length of 40 km, leveling of all lands, channels and 4th grade drainers by approximately 520 km and construction of roads between farms with an approximate length of 280 km, as well as presence at operation activities in the interim period by one year after delivery

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